Monday, July 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, the little girl in the Gospel, who was the daughter of a Roman official, had died, but I raised her back to life because of the father’s faith that I could do this for him. She was given another chance to live her life, just as some people have near death experiences. Every day, that you wake up, is like you have a new life for another day. You could easily die any time and your body could be the next one to go in that hole in the ground of the vision. You do not know when I will call you home, so you should keep your soul in the state of grace by frequent Confession, so you are ready any day to meet Me at your judgment. So do not be assuming that you will have a long life, for you cannot promise yourself even one more hour without My approval. By always being ready to die, you will be ready to live however many days that I give you. Each day, that you awake, is another day of life that you should thank Me for being alive. It is also another opportunity for the grace to help people and be useful in saving souls. Remember that being alive in life is always a gift, just as being alive in faith in a clean soul is also a gift of My sacramental grace. You are a whole person in body and soul on this earth, but work every moment that you have to be worthy of your goal to be with Me in heaven. I have brought you salvation on My cross, but it is your choice to choose to accept Me and follow My Commandments.”