Monday, July 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, when you see a major storm, tornado, or a hurricane, your first intention is to follow the advice of your weathermen and evacuate the area if you have time. When these storms happen at night, and you do not know which direction to go, then hiding in the basement of a brick structure might offer you some protection. Some people do not think that there is a correlation between weather disasters and places of sin. The coming events will be so dramatic and so obvious in their location, that there will be no doubt about this connection. You have read of how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone for their sinful lifestyles. You also have seen earthquakes where they made pornographic movies, and fires next to the homes of movie stars who make ‘R’ rated movies. I sometimes use natural disasters to carry out My justice against people who commit abominable sins against Me. I love everyone and I will forgive their sins, if they repent. But if people flaunt their evil acts in front of Me and others, they deserve any just punishments that they receive. In certain circumstances I ask My faithful to look away from My act of punishment, so they do not view My justice. Give praise and glory to Me for treating everyone fairly and with great mercy. Everyone, who comes before Me in judgment, has admitted that they were given a fair and truthful judging of their life based on their actions.”