Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015: (St. Maria Goretti)
Jesus said: “My people, as you get closer to the time of a martial law declaration, you are seeing more military operations all over your country. These military exercises are becoming more invasive and more obvious to the people. One of the means of hiding their plans is to use tunnels connecting the large cities. The tunnels enable them to station troops in coordinated positions, so they can come up when it is time for their takeover. Just as the evil ones are making their plans, so My refuge builders are making their plans as well. You do not know how dangerous it will be for My believers once the evil ones are allowed to persecute you. My faithful will need to come to My refuges, or they will risk martyrdom, if they stay in their homes. Trust in My protection as My angels will be helping you.”

Jesus said: “My son, you have been seeding the lawn after the contractor had soil pushed around your chapel addition. You are learning what it takes to get the grass growing. You are adding organic topsoil and good grass seed after cultivating the soil. Then you need plenty of water to germinate the seed. This is like the parable of the Sower where My Word is the seed that I plant in everyone’s heart. There are some people who are like the seed that fell on rocky ground or untilled soil. In these cases My Word is heard, but it cannot take root because there is not enough soil, or they do not want to act on My Word. In other cases you removed the weeds and the stones, but the seed as it grew, was strangled by the cares and pleasures of this world. When you have fertile ground and water the seeds well, then My Word would yield thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold. This is a sign of My faithful who receive Me in faith, and they nourish My Word with prayers, Mass, and Confession. By keeping close to Me with a pure soul, then you will be ready to meet Me at the harvest of souls, as the wheat will be separated from the weeds. The wheat or My faithful, will be gathered into My barn of heaven, but the weeds or the evil ones, will be cast into the fires of hell.”