Monday, July 6, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, Jacob made an altar in Bethel because he felt the Lord’s presence there and made it His abode. He also saw a ladder where God’s messengers were going up and down. I have left My abode with My faithful in My Eucharist in all of your tabernacles in your churches. Even as you see many churches being closed for lack of funds and priests, I am still present in the remaining churches. I have told you before, that every church that is closed, is another loss of graces from My sacraments. Strive to keep your churches open for as long as you can. Each church is consecrated ground, just as My refuges are. I will always put My protection around your holy ground places so you know that I am always with you, especially in My consecrated Hosts. Even if all the churches are closed, I will bring daily Communion from heaven as I brought manna from heaven in the Exodus to all of My refuges. You have a modern day Exodus where your spiritual Bread is of more value to your soul that just plain bread for the body.”
Jesus said: “My people, this wheel of a ship represents how I am directing the events of what will change your lives. I allow the free will of man to direct his destiny, but I still control things within certain limits so all of creation is not ruined by man’s abuses. The large screws of the ship are turning faster to give the needed speed to move the ship. Steam to run these screws is generated by burning oil to heat water in large boilers. The constant spinning of these propellers represents the turning of many events in your life. This flashback to the Warning shows how all of your life’s actions will be reviewed and you all will see your temporary judgment in an instant outside of time. Your life review will be outside of time in the real now, and you will see that My judgment is fair and loving. This is why you should strive to have many good deeds in your hands to offset your sins. You will rejoice when I will bring My peace into your soul after My victory over the evil ones.”