Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011: (Independence Day)
Jesus said: “My people of America, I commend your people for having ‘under God’ in your pledge of allegiance to your flag. You also have ‘God’ in your Declaration of Independence. While you have given Me honor in your documents, your country has prospered. Now though, you are removing My Ten Commandments from your public buildings, and prayer has been taken out of your schools. Do not let the atheists dictate their ‘no religion’ ways to you in your so-called political correctness. While you have freedom of speech and freedom of religion, you need to voice your praise of Me while you can. Your leaders and some of your people have turned their backs on Me because their true colors of unbelief are showing through. Once your country ignores Me, you will remove what has made your country great. Your biggest threat to freedom comes from the one world people and the central bankers, and not foreigners or terrorists. They are working towards total control of all of your rights, and their puppets control your government and your money. These evil ones are bringing your country to bankruptcy by your over spending and your extensive deficits. Pray for My help, but unless your people change their worship of money and possessions, America is headed for its demise.”

Jesus said: “My people, your government is being collapsed from within by the votes of your Congress and your President. That is why the top of the Capitol Building in the vision has collapsed. These representatives supposedly are elected by the people to serve the people, but they are only serving their one world masters. It is the plan of the central bankers to bankrupt your country so they can take it over with martial law. They want total control with no independence. They want to control everyone and make them dependent on their new world order. This is why you are seeing the Capitol Building rebuilt in a different shape. These evil ones want to takeaway your money and your sovereignty rights so they can make America a part of their North American Union. Once they take over, you will have no rights, and they will be like dictators over everything. This is why Americans need to pray, and take back control of their government before it is too late. It is not too late to vote out the socialists who are leading you to ruin with their unsustainable spending. If your deficits and debts are not brought under control, then your money will become worthless. Stand up and struggle for your rights before they are taken away.”