Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013: (St. Mary Magdalen)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast celebrates St. Mary Magdalen from whom I cast out seven demons that were possessing her. After her conversion, she became a great disciple of Mine, and she was the first person to see Me after My Resurrection. The vision of the dragonfly and the spider are examples of how the demons thrive on attacking people where they are the most vulnerable. The sexual sins of fornication and homosexual acts are very common among the people of your society. Many people are weak to the sins of the flesh because they are seeking such pleasures, even when they may be having relations outside of the marriage bond. Since many people are having relations before marriage, this has become acceptable behavior in your society, even though it is a mortal sin. The demons know how corrupt your society has become, so they are attacking many people who are living together without marriage. My people need to protect themselves from these demon attacks by wearing blessed sacramentals, and avoiding near occasions of sin by not living together, unless they are properly married. You are seeing pornography in many places and in suggestive movies and marketing ads. With such temptations all around you, My people need to guard their eyes, and call on My help when you are attacked by demons with their temptations. Keep control over your body with a pure soul that is trying to avoid sin. By focusing on pleasing Me all day long, you can avoid these sinful desires.”

Jesus said: “My people, coming to My Light at the end of a tunnel could be a near death experience, a Warning experience, or an actual death experience. There are a lot of people in this world who have not experienced My love, and they desire the worldly pleasures over Me. Unless souls know Me in prayer or love, it is hard for them to accept Me. If they refuse to love Me and refuse to accept Me, I have no choice but to reject them to hell which they have chosen. This is why these wayward souls need someone to pray for them, and invite them to know and love Me. Without this prayer and love, these souls will reject Me, even after My Warning experience. I know you are praying hard for your family members who are away from Me, but it is your prayers and concern for their souls that could save them. I want you to extend your prayer intention to all wayward souls because they are in the most need of prayers to help save their souls. Such prayers may help some souls to at least be open to receive Me. Souls who close their hearts to Me, are on the path to hell. With open hearts, these souls will have a true choice to love Me of their own free will, without the desires of the world blocking Me out. Yes, My Warning is a wake-up call, but it will only be effective on the open hearts that you are praying for.”

I could see a flashback to when my wife and I did a recording with Carol Ameche as she gave us a word of knowledge. She died just recently. Carol Ameche said: “I am happy that you allowed me to say a few words to you. I am joyful to be free of all of my pains and limitations of the body. I was so happy to be greeted by Jesus, Mary, and my deceased relatives at my death. I know my death was sudden and a shock to some, but now I can keep praying for all of you. I felt a little sad that I could not accomplish more for my Jesus. I love Don and my family on earth so much. Please tell them how much I love them, and I will be watching over them. Jesus is confirming the messages of the end times that He has shared with His prophets. I thank you, Carol and John, for all the good times that we had together. When you can share your faith and messages with each other, it was as if we are all one big family with Jesus and His Blessed Mother. I did have a brief visit in purgatory, but Our Blessed Mother was generous to me in helping me come to heaven. She begged her Son because she knows how much I loved both Jesus and her on earth. I will be waiting to join all of you in heaven one day, and continue your dedication to Jesus in helping souls come to heaven.”