Monday, July 21, 2008: (St. Lawrence of Brindisi)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of people dressed formally at a banquet means that you need to have your soul in the state of grace in order to worthily receive Me in Holy Communion at My Eucharistic Banquet of the Mass. If you see that you are not properly dressed or prepared, then you need to come to Me in Confession for the forgiveness of your sins. Once you are absolved of your sins, then your soul will be filled with My grace, and you will be ready to properly receive Me in Holy Communion. This same state of grace means that you are My faithful dressed in white robes, and you will now be marked with My cross on the forehead and marked in the Book of Life. Keep your souls also ready in grace for the day of your judgment when you die. Those, who are not properly dressed in their souls, will risk the fires of Gehenna where they will wail and grind their teeth. Rejoice in My Banquet where you will share My love, peace, and joy for all eternity.”
Jesus said: “My people, from all of your travels in space and from your satellites, you take pictures of the earth for many reasons. You see the blue beauty of the earth in the oceans from the sunlight. I have given mankind the earth for your home, and I called man to multiply and subdue the earth. You see the beauty of My creation all around you, but man has polluted the water and the air, and he has changed the genetic makeup of My creations. This adulteration of My creation is where the devil has misled man into defying My laws of nature, as well as My Commandments. You are upsetting My balance of nature with the manipulation of the DNA in plants and animals. When I return in victory over evil, I will need to renew the earth. I will bring about a new heavens and a new earth where evil will no longer influence you. Rejoice in My triumph when all the evil ones will be chained in hell.”