Monday, July 20, 2009: (St. Apollinaris)

Jesus said: “My people, your priest talked about memories or nostalgia when you try to remember only the good things of your past days. But in the Warning, that will come to all souls, you will see a life review of both your good and bad actions of what went on in the past. In your Confession you can ask the forgiveness of your sins, and do not let the devil taunt you in being guilty because you are forgiven. In the first reading when Moses was calling on Me to fight the Egyptians, Moses told the people not to worry and be still because I would take care of the Israelites. The people were fearful and even wanted to be safe back in the slavery of the Egyptians. I destroyed Pharaoh’s army and the people were saved. They rejoiced at that moment, but they were weak when I put them to the test. So it is with My people of today who face the coming trials of the tribulation. You need to trust that I will again protect you from your enemies in the one world people, who want to kill you. When persecution comes, some may be fearful, but I tell you, as Moses told his people, be still and watch the miracles of protection that I will perform before your very eyes. Knowing that I will protect you at all times, should bring peace to your soul and take away all fear. Give glory and praise to Me in all the ways that I bring you through your daily trials.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen the man-made Swine Flu virus still spreading and killing some people. Even your scientists admit this is not a seasonal virus. This vision shows how the evil ones are planning to spread a more virulent version of Swine Flu in the fall. The vaccine companies are now making Swine Flu vaccine for the fall and there is some talk that the medical authorities are trying to make such shots mandatory. This vaccine will have little testing and it could cause more harm than good. I am still advising people not to take any vaccine for viruses that could actually spread the disease instead of stopping it. The real problem will come if there is a mandatory quarantine on those who refuse these shots. If they intend to put you in a detention center for not taking these shots, then you may have another forced situation to leave for your refuges before the authorities could kill you. Heed My warnings where the medical authorities could be used by the one world people to start making excuses to pick up those who are against their new world order.”