Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012: (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel)
Jesus said: “My people, I ask My faithful people to spend one hour with Me on Sunday morning or Saturday night to worship Me and give Me the glory as the God of your life. To all of those people who have soccer games and baseball games on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, I ask them who is your God? Is it I or your sports games? If you cannot take time to honor Me on Sunday as in the Third Commandment, then how will I know you at your judgment? You do not want to hear the words that I do not know you because those souls are risking the fires of hell. You can only be saved then by a miracle or your family and friends praying for you. My prayer warriors need to pray for those people who make earthly things and earthly events as their god. There is nothing more important than loving Me and loving your neighbor. The First Commandment says that you should not have any other gods before Me. Sports, money, fame, and earthly pleasures are today’s idols and gods that are placed before Me as more people are losing their faith in these end days. My people should be focused on Me and your preparations of food and your things to take to My refuges. I have warned you of some coming events this year that could shake your whole world. Be prepared for some serious persecution, and stop letting worldly things distract you from your love of Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have talked to you before about a coming famine. Now, right before your eyes you have seen your cherries and apples ruined, and recently your corn is dying in the fields for lack of rain. I have also mentioned before how the HAARP machine can be used to control your weather by controlling the jet streams that bring rain. In March of this year you saw some unusually warm weather which brought out the buds on your orchard crops. Then it turned cold again and the buds were frozen and killed. By causing this warm and cold cycle the HAARP machine could ruin your cherries and apples in Michigan and New York. Now in the summer time you are seeing the jet streams staying in the North with a huge hot high pressure system sitting over the middle of your country without any rain. When such a pressure system remains in one area for a long time, this is a sign of the HAARP machine being used. I also told you that the one world people are running out of time, so they are creating these weather problems that could affect your crops and create chaos with food shortages. I have been telling you for over a year to store a year’s supply of food because of the coming famine. You can share your food with friends and relatives, and if necessary I will multiply what you need. Once people start killing for food, then you will need to go to My refuges where My angels will make you invisible. I will provide food, water, shelter, and daily Communion at My refuges. There you will always have something to eat without fear of the evil ones trying to kill you. Trust in My messages of hope, and prepare your food and your backpacks to leave for My refuges.”