Monday, July 13, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, today man has many means of electronic entertainment as suggested in this vision of a circling DVD. You have music, movies, and data storage in many kinds of devices. High definition devices have also expanded your viewing options. Because of a desire for such devices, some people have even acquired computer or internet addictions. Having the latest devices has even put some of these possessions in competition with loving Me. It is important to have life’s priorities in order because the things of this life pass away tomorrow and become obsolete. Loving your Creator and Savior is about loving a Divine Living Person which should mean more to you than your man-made devices. The devil wants to distract you and waste your time in selfish pleasures. Call on My help to avoid these temptations and keep focused on Me in your spiritual life, which is more important to your soul than any earthly desire. Start and end your day in daily prayer and you can keep your life in a proper perspective. Loving Me and your neighbor should be central in your daily life’s activities and intentions of the heart. Your desire to be with Me should supercede any earthly desire. I love all of you so much and I reach out to all of you, especially those who need help with electronic addictions.”
Jesus said: “My people, the trials that you are going through today are a test to prepare you for the trials that you will face during the evil of the tribulation. I told you that you would receive My messages into the tribulation time, but distributing them will become more of a problem. (Message 4-28-09) You will have difficulties from some within My Church. Then the government authorities will restrict you and persecute you. You will also be tested by trials with your family members as well. In all of what you will face, keep peace in your heart and call on Me to help you in your needs. Call on My angels as well to clear any obstructions to carrying out your mission. Even when there may seem impossible roadblocks to overcome, let Me lead you where you will be safe. When your life is threatened by the evil ones, My angels will make you invisible on your way to My refuges. Trust in Me to help carry your cross and I will help you fulfill your mission.”