Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013: (St. Raymond of Penyafort)
Jesus said: “My people, this vision is not a good sign because it indicates a continuation of the drought conditions that you had last year. The stone urn losing water means certain parts of your country will continue to get little rainfall. I have talked to you about a coming world famine. These continuous drought conditions will cause a shortage of fresh water, and it will make growing crops more difficult. With a growing world population, you could see an increase in water and food prices as the demand increases. Conversion of salty ocean water to fresh water may be required that will make such water very expensive. Some desert areas use this source of water, but there is a problem in dispensing expensive water to poor people. As the food becomes more expensive and hard to distribute, there will be more people dying of starvation. Be prepared for these coming shortages, and help people who are thirsty and hungry.”

(Funeral Mass for John & Sharon Norton) John and Sharon said: We are happy to be together in thanking everyone who came to our funeral service. You saw us kissing at the Sign of Peace because our love will live on forever. We are sorry for our dear family that have to mourn our loss at the same time, but we will not be mourning each other’s loss. We love Jesus and Mary so much, and we were happy to serve in our mission on earth. We will be in purgatory a short time so continue your prayers and Masses for our intentions. We want to console our family that we will be praying for you, and watching over each of you. We love all of our family members and friends, and we enjoyed being with you all in all of our life’s events.”