Monday, January 7, 2008: (St. Raymond)

Jesus said:  “My people, you have been celebrating Christmas and My Epiphany, and you know that I came on the earth to die for your sins and provide for your salvation.  Since I have made the sacrifice of My life for your sins, it is only through Me that you can come to eternal life in heaven.  If you are to enter heaven, then you must be purified of your sins in Confession, and by My power I will help you to become saints.  Most of My faithful will need to be further purified in purgatory until their thoughts of worldly things are cleansed and they are worthy saints to enter heaven.  Only the pure of heart and soul can enter heaven, but I will show you this path if you follow My ways instead of the world’s ways.  Keep close to Me in your daily prayers and your daily consecration so you can remain fully committed to your Lord in perfect faith.  Following My Will in the Divine Will is how I want you to live the best that you can.  I have provided the sacrament of Reconciliation so when you would fall into sin, then you could be forgiven and restored to My heavenly graces.  Love Me and your neighbor, and you will have eternal life.”
Jesus said: “My people, the faithful, who have a deep love for this church, need to be united in a spiritual commitment to not only build up My Church among My people, but also to build up this physical church in its needed repairs.  Many people are stressed with their own physical needs, but they need to see a spiritual need in preserving this church.  If you are able to afford more worldly things, then you can afford to make a substantial contribution to this need.  A spiritual organization needs to be formed that can reach out to a wider area for donations.  This group can plan a stepwise repair of the most needed repairs at first with an extended plan for what else is needed along the way.  Ask for My grace and that of My Blessed Mother to touch the hearts of those who are needed to make the necessary donations.  Trust and believe in our help and we will see to the completion of this work.”