Monday, January 28, 2008: (St. Thomas Acquinas)

Jesus said: “My people, these demons in the vision are looking to destroy souls and they are found most in your cities where drugs and killings are constantly happening. There is a greed for quick money among the poor in selling drugs with no care of making drug addicts which then encourages stealing. In the cities and even in your towns you see adult book shops, and places of exotic dancers and prostitution. All of these evils in pleasures and comforts encourage more sins of fornication, adultery, and even abortions. Pray for the people in the cities, that you can clean up these dens of sin, or your country will turn further into spiritual decadence calling for My justice. You have seen cities of sin destroyed in past biblical accounts, and you will see more to come in this evil age.”

Jesus said: “My people, caves are good hiding places, but for breathing and escapes, you need to have two exits with a vent for air. It also would be wise to put some brush to hide each entrance, especially from wild animals. Many caves have self sustaining water sources from water springs. They are damp and cold, so you will need bedding off the ground on some stands, and warm clothing. Call on My angels to protect you from animals and to provide for your food which I could multiply. It may also be good to have some insulation to help you to keep warm by wrapping a tent in some plastic covers. My angels will protect you wherever you establish your refuges. They will fight off the demons, as well as evil men trying to kill you. When you put your trust in Me, I will provide for all of your needs.”