Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015:(Camille Remacle’s birthday,Carol’s dad)
Camille said: “Hello everybody, I am back to have a few words for you. You are seeing me receive Holy Communion because this is a sign of how you will receive your Jesus at the refuges. I am surprised that you are being asked to have a safe place at this late date. I understand your desire to do so with your latest good fortune. Our Lord is still continuing to tell you to go forward as soon as you can get started. You were wondering how you were going to protect your family, so now you are being led to set something up. You need to work a little harder on getting the old home ready to sell. It has been sitting idle long enough.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have had some cold weather, but not as much snow as usual. You have also seen some major snow disasters in Buffalo, N.Y., Maine, and now along the Northeastern coast. When you see empty shelves in the store in preparation for a bad storm, this should be a sign to you to have plenty of supplies on hand for just such occasions. My faithful, who are preparing refuges in the Northern states, also need to be storing hats, gloves, winter coats, boots, sweaters, blankets, and plenty of alternative fuels. You also need some extra warm underwear, and a good number of beds. I will need to multiply your food, water, and fuels, so you can keep fed and warm. Living in winter weather needs plenty of preparation for heating your place and cooking your food. You will be living independently from your normal services, so think of how you are going to survive. In all of your coming trials, you need to have trust in My help, and guard your prayer lives from any distractions.”