Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012: (St. Vincent, Right to Life Day)
Jesus said: “My people, King David had a successful reign because I walked with him. It was from King David’s lineage that I became know as the ‘Son of David’ in My ministry. Many of the Scribes wanted to criticize Me, and they even accused Me of being the prince of devils. They said this is how I could cast out demons. Instead, I told them that Satan could not stand if his kingdom was divided. I cast out demons by My own authority as the Son of God. But those, who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, will not be forgiven. When there is no seeking of forgiveness in one’s soul, then that person is on the broad road to hell. I have died for mankind’s sins, but it is up to everyone to accept Me as Savior, and seek My forgiveness of sins in order to be saved. It is by My ransom of your souls, that your sins are forgiven.”

(Day of Prayer for Unborn) Jesus said: “My people, I am grateful for even a small group of My faithful who came here tonight in support of the unborn. It is sad that more people are not here to make their statement of faith in supporting life for the unborn. This vision of strong supports holding up My Church, means My people need to have a good foundation for their faith. As you adore My Blessed Sacrament, you are worshiping the very Creator of life. At every conception I bring the life of the soul into that new individual. There is no value of money that can be placed on a human soul created by Me. Yet every day your abortions are discarded into your garbage without any ceremony of death, or acknowledgment that a life has been killed. Your death culture people are led by Satan to kill man in your abortions, euthanasia, wars, and even death through man-made viruses and vaccines. Life should be considered precious at all stages of your development. The fertilized egg has 46 chromosomes no matter how many cells are subdivided and developed into a baby. So every person is human from conception. If life is truly precious, then why are your people not defending life at your abortion clinics, in your hospitals, in your elections, and in your courts? Your laws are to support life, and they should not allow such killing of the unborn. The morals of America have been so degraded, that you are slowly becoming a pagan nation that worships materialism. It is more important for some people to have a more comfortable life, than to take care of their children who I send them. Because of your abortions, America will suffer a punishment for the blood on your hands that you cannot remove. Work to stop abortion by prayer and action to help mothers have their children, instead of killing them. Even adoption is a better option than your piles of human garbage.”