Monday, January 19, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages about a major earthquake in San Francisco. This vision is another confirmation of My coming justice on the sins of this city. You know of the account of Sodom and Gomorrah when My angels were sent into Sodom to bring Lot and his family out of the city to safety. The inhabitants of Sodom were so evil that they wanted to do evil to My angels who appeared as young men. The angels blinded these evil ones as they took Lot and his family out of that city. Once they were at a safe distance, I destroyed these cities with fire and brimstone. So it is with present San Francisco. I will warn all of My faithful to leave this city before the earthquake will destroy it. Once they are safely away, I will destroy this city. Some places of refuge in this area will be protected, but the rest of the city will be gone. The evil of this city is so crying out to heaven for My justice, that My hand must fall against it. Pray that My faithful will heed My warning and leave before it is too late.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you in previous messages that a comet will come close to the earth on the very day of My Warning. The Warning is an out of body life review of all of your good and bad actions. The vision shows you someone able to see a comet that will be on a direct path to the earth. Even though this will be sighted from a distance, the people will not be informed of its coming until it appears very close in the sky. This unannounced warning is why many will be frightened of this event because of the comet’s sudden appearance. Be prepared spiritually for this Warning experience by keeping a good prayer life, and a clean soul by frequent Confession of your sins. Those, who obey My Commandments and follow My Will should have no fear because I will be protecting you from the evil ones at My refuges. Every message concerning the Warning is another sign of how close this event will be.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have told you many times that you can come to heaven only through Me. These diamonds of the relics of the saints represent each faithful person who has suffered for Me either as physical martyrs or as dry martyrs. When you come to Me, you will see pain and persecution from the evil ones. This is why all of My faithful ones are united in My suffering with their own suffering. Some of your suffering will be in detaching yourself from worldly desires or worldly things, and cleansing any earthly desires so you can focus on Me, and worship only Me. Every saint in heaven is not always well known and approved by My Church. But I have approved of every saint that can enter heaven. This is why every saint in heaven is linked to My suffering and has a diamond or relic on My cross of suffering.”