Monday, January 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that I would provide for all of your food needs at My refuges.  You will have water from miracle springs and it will be multiplied for all to drink, cook, wash, and bathe.  What little bread you have or wheat that you grow, again will be multiplied.  If you do not have a priest for Mass, My angels will provide you Holy Communion.  In order to have a balanced diet, meat will be provided from deer that will come to the refuge.  Farm animal meat could also be multiplied.  I am showing you a greenhouse because with glass or plastic, you could have places to grow vegetables for nutrition.  Here it is important to set aside a storehouse of non-hybrid seeds which some call heirloom seeds.  This is so you can harvest seeds from some of your crop and then be able to have seeds for the next growing season.  Some vegetables can be re-seeded for more than one crop a year if you have protection from frost.  As before I can multiply your vegetable crops for everyone at that refuge so all can have enough to eat.  Everything will be multiplied, but in faith you need to provide for yourselves in the natural order of life.  Having the proper seeds is another part of your preparation for the tribulation time at the refuges.  Rejoice in all of these means of preparation for your survival and protection from the evil ones.”
Jesus said:  “My people, I am giving you another vision of hell to wake up the people to the dangers of their sinful actions and lifestyles that could lead them to hell.  When you see how these souls are suffering and warning others not to come there, you may think differently about the need for Confession and less sin in your lives.  In hell there is a constant suffering as a burning sensation for these evil souls, and they have their appearance made ugly and smell a sulfur stench.  There souls are condemned to hell by their own choices and My judgment for all eternity, never to see My face again.  They live in total hopelessness and are tormented by the hate of the demons.  You are seeing various levels of hell, and the lower levels suffer even more torments.  Some souls ignore Me passively and are occupied by earthly desires and comforts.  These souls are in the upper regions of hell.  At the middle levels are those souls who sell their souls to Satan so they can be rich and famous among men.  At the lower levels are the clergy, witches, and warlocks who purposely worshiped Satan and worked on bringing souls to hell.  These punishments in hell are from My Divine Justice and you do not want Me to tell you that I do not know you.  All of those souls, who reject Me, or worship idols and Satan, will find themselves languishing in hell because of their own wrong choices that they never repented for.  Many souls are falling into hell in this evil time, so be inspired with My grace to save as many souls as possible from this eternal inferno.”