Monday, January 12, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I wish that every place of Adoration would be so crowded with adorers to give honor and glory to Me. Instead, your people are crowded into sports stadiums and arenas. You can see that man’s priorities are more focused on the little gods of this world, than on the One who created you and loves you. Still I am happy for every adorer who comes to share their love and their time with Me. You receive extra graces for adoring Me, and My adorers are My special prayer warriors to help save souls. You are in a spiritual battle every day with the demons and evil people, so you need daily prayers for yourselves and all sinners. Relish every moment with Me after Communion and in front of My consecrated Host, or My tabernacle. I am your strength against the evil ones, so come to Me as often as you can to gain every grace that you will need for this battle. This is why I have encouraged you to bring people to Adoration and My sacraments in Confession and Holy Communion. Share My graces with all the people willing to see My Light.”
(Marge Johnson’s funeral Mass) Jesus said: “My people, every time that you come to a funeral Mass, it is always with a heavy heart of sadness. The family is grieving their loss, and they need a time of mourning the loved one that has left them. Even in spite of these down feelings, there is still room for the joy of the good life that lies in store for My faithful. In the vision you are witnessing My Resurrection from the empty tomb. This is My same promise of resurrection of your body when I come again in glory. After My final judgment, all of My faithful will be resurrected to heaven in both body and soul. Your souls may have to be patient for a while, but the end is coming. Give praise and glory to Me for Marge’s life and for all of My faithful who look forward to seeing Me.”