Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I want you to remember why you have been placed on this earth, and that is to know, love, and serve Me. There are worldly people who seek fame, wealth, and power in this world, but they seek these things out of a selfish spirit, and some even make these things idols in themselves. I call you to keep Me at the center of your life. Out of love I desire you to give Me your free will and your heart, so I can use you as My instrument in carrying out the unique mission that I have for only you. Each person is unique and has his or her own talents that I have given you. Everything that you have comes from Me, so this is why you need to give Me all the glory for your good works and accomplishments in this life. Most of all, you must have love of Me deep in your heart and also a real love for your neighbor as yourself. If you pray and attend Mass, It will help you come close to Me, but if you do not have love, St. Paul says you are nothing more than a clanging gong. I am love and all of My disciples share in My love, even as they must share that love with everyone. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and everything that you need will be granted to you. Even in your dark moments of despair and financial need, trust in Me for everything, and you will not be disappointed. Seek to live in My Divine Will, and I will walk with you in life in guiding you to heaven. Reach out to share your wealth, your time, and your faith with your neighbors so with My help you can evangelize souls for My Kingdom and save them from hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of you are listening to My Blessed Mother’s request for a complete rosary, which means praying the full fifteen decades and Mysteries. I know that you have the Luminous Mysteries, but the original rosary was based on the 150 psalms. As you prayed the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries, you were recalling for the people the places where you visited in Jerusalem. This inspiration of the Holy Spirit is an excellent way to keep focused on the meaning of each Mystery while you are praying the Hail Mary prayers. If you have not been to Jerusalem, you could obtain some books with pictures of the places for each Mystery, so you could have the same thoughts as if you were actually there. You were concerned during the Conference that you did not have enough time to pray your rosaries for the day. I understand that you were giving your talks and having fellowship with the people in your explanations and praying over people. Still I want you to make up any missed rosaries. You may think it is hard to find time to pray so many rosaries each day, but it is all about how you prioritize your time. I know you feel drawn to have conversations with your friends, but you also need to beg leave of them so you can make some time for Me in your prayer life. If you keep too busy with too many events that crowd out your prayer time, then you should cut back your schedule to leave time for Me. Guard your prayer lives because when you pray, you are showing Me how much you love Me. Once you are filled with My love, then you will be led to share your love and your faith with your neighbors. I thank all of My prayer warriors for all of your prayers and good works. Call on Me to even double your prayers so you can better offset the sins of the world.”