Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011: (St. Peter Damian)
Jesus said: “My people, some people have been so familiarized with evil all around them that they do not realize it because of its gradual increase. There are a lot more drugs and pornography available than ever before. Even many of your movies have more violence, swearing, and nudity than ever before. Abortions and euthanasia are readily available. The manipulation and destruction of the DNA of plants and animals is rampant. Wars and terrorism are move violent. Even man-made disasters and viruses also show today’s extent of evil. Control through microchips, cameras, and surveillance are taking away your freedoms. Even worship of Me is frowned on in public places, and some countries openly kill Christians. The evil things of today and persecution are getting worse. Those, who have the eyes of faith, see these things as a sign of My coming. There are possessed people today as there were in My time. You need to pray for sinners and for conversions before it is too late for souls who could be lost to the Antichrist. During the tribulation, evil will be at its worst, so you will need My angel protection even more, as well as your daily prayers. Pray to Me to give you strength to endure the devil’s temptations, especially for what you will face in the tribulation.”

Jesus said: “My people, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Islamic militants are stirring up the unemployed youth to topple the old regimes of many Arab countries. Their goal is to put Islamic states into power, and this could be a threat to Israel, Europe, and even America through terrorism and the control of oil. In years past there were wars with Islamic peoples in Europe. But now you could see attacks coming even from within these countries mentioned. With control over oil, the militants could control or influence the economies of the world. If America faces food shortages and high gas prices, you could see much more violent riots than you have seen so far. These events overseas will definitely affect countries around the world. When you see desires for control of wealth and oil resources, you could even see major wars break out over them. This time of riots and chaos will lead up to the Antichrist’s coming, and also the time for My faithful to come to My refuges. Trust in My protection because the evil ones will see Christians and patriots as their targets for extermination.”