Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017:
Jesus said: “My son, you had a small flashback of your work place experiences, much like you will see in your Warning experience. Everyone will have their own life review, all at the same time. My Warning will be a blessing for all souls to wake up spiritually, and see how much they are offending Me in their sins. This may be the last chance for some souls to be converted. After your life review and your mini-judgment, you will see many people desiring to come to Confession to have Me forgive their sins. My people will have a chance to convert their family members, because they will be open to your evangelization efforts. Trust in Me that I love all of you so much that I will give everyone this one last chance to be saved. Remember that I told you how all the souls, who go to hell, have chosen hell of their own free will. Keep praying for all your family members with your persistent prayers, and you could help save their souls.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have asked you to try out your fireplace, your kerosene heater, and your Coleman stove with your various fuels. You have stored more water in your barrels, and you have obtained your outhouse. You have purchased canned foods, MREs (Meals ready to eat) and dehydrated foods. You have tried some older foods before, but I want you to prepare some of your MREs and dehydrated foods so you know how to prepare and eat them. You do not need to try that many, but see how you could work them into your diet. Use the dried milk for your oatmeal. You are going to ask other people to eat this food, so you need to know how it tastes and how best to prepare them. Keep in mind, you will only be on this diet for less than 3½ years. You have tried things out before, like camping outside, so now you need to see how you can get by on your stored food. I will always be watching out for your needs by multiplying what you have.”