Monday, February 2, 2009: (Presentation of the Lord in the Temple)

Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrated My Presentation in the Temple when My Blessed Mother and St. Joseph fulfilled the Jewish customs for the firstborn male. Your readings also mentioned the prayers of Simeon and Anna that they were privileged to see their Savior. In My Church you also have Baptism of infants as in the vision. This sacrament is the initiation of converts into the faith, and it was My death on the cross that has paid your ransom in the forgiveness of original sin from Adam. I am the new Adam and everyone who believes in Me, and follows My Commandments will have eternal life. The gates of heaven are now open because of My sacrifice and all of those, who have died and are purified, can enter into heaven. Give praise and glory to your Lord to allow every soul this opportunity to be saved and live with Me for all eternity in heaven. One of your baptismal gifts is the desire to bring as many souls to Me in conversion as you can do in your lifetime. You do not want to see souls go to hell because they were not taught about Me. So reach out in kindness and love to share My love with everyone.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have talked to you earlier about the waters of Baptism that is your entrance into the faith. This vision of a stream of water flowing from this Basilica out to the neighboring roads represents the work that Mother Seton did to help teach children and convert souls to the faith. This saint’s work touched many lives in bringing them closer to Me. Her order of nuns have served many people with her ideals and training. Give thanks and praise to Me for accomplishing so many works of charity through her life and those people that followed in her footsteps.”
(1809-2009 Bicentenial of her order being started.)