Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014: (7 Holy Founders of Servite Order)
Jesus said: “My people, your weather is turning severe, where it may become difficult to grow your crops in some areas. You have had a harsh winter, which could cause some damage to your crops and flowers. In the vision you are seeing reduced crops that will be grown this year. A world famine is coming and you will see some crop reductions in areas of bad weather. The larger problem will be from a controlled food supply that will eventually be rationed out according to chips in the body. I have warned you not to take any chips in the body, even if the authorities threaten to take away access to food or your Social Security. The controlled famine and mandatory chips in the body, will be your sign to come to My refuges for food, water, and shelter. I have warned you to stock up on some food when it may not be available for various reasons. This food will be needed before you come to My refuges. This food will not be hoarded, but you will share it with friends and relatives.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have today’s Gospel from Mark where I refused to give a sign to the Pharisees. (Mk 8:10-12) They did not believe in My miracles of healing, nor did they believe in My words. In the Gospel of Matthew (Mt 12:38-41) I gave the Pharisees the sign of Jonah in how he preached repentance to Nineveh. The bigger sign is the parallel of Jonah when he was in the fish three days and three nights. So, I was three days and nights in the grave before I resurrected. This sign of My Resurrection shows how I saved all of mankind from their sins by atoning for them to My Father. The sign of repentance is also for today’s generation in America. Jonah warned the people to repent, or Nineveh would be destroyed. When the people sat in sackcloth and ashes, and changed their ways, then I relented of their punishment, and I did not destroy the city. So, the people of America also need to repent and ask My forgiveness of their abortions and their sexual sins. If you do not repent and change your ways to follow My laws, then your people will face My punishment, when the one world people will take you over.”