Monday, February 16, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, the people of My day asked for a sign and they did not even realize that I was the sign of the Messiah in My Word and My miracles. In another account I told them that the only sign, that I would give them, would be the sign of Jonah who condemned Nineveh if they did not repent. So in essence I was asking them to repent as St. John the Baptist told them, and receive the Good News, that I was telling them, that the Kingdom of God was at hand. This people did not accept My words and they killed St. John the Baptist and Me as well. But I used this crucifixion as man’s salvation and I conquered sin and death by My Resurrection. This view of a sign in the coming Warning will be the sign for this age in the mercy of My revelation of what sins that you have committed and how I view them. Everyone will see their mini-judgment and see where their actions are leading them by the consequences of their sins. You will then have a second chance when you are put back into your body to change your way of sin into following My ways to heaven. This vision of the Warning is also another indication that the Warning is coming soon. Take advantage of this time to repent of your sins, or you may not get another chance, and your refusal to obey Me could lead you into hell.”
Jesus said: “My people, the train that you are traveling on in the vision represents your passing through life’s events. The time in the tunnel represents your struggle through the tribulation, and coming out into the Light represents My victory in My Era of Peace. Do not be worried about when these things will happen or how you will face this time, but focus only on trusting in Me to take care of you. Some will be martyred for their faith, but they will become instant saints in heaven. The rest of My faithful will be protected at My refuges throughout the whole time of the tribulation. It does not matter when or how you will be brought to My refuges, but when martial law and chips in the body are made mandatory, then call on Me to have your angels lead you to My refuges. I have explained this protection to you in many messages, but soon you will be living through all that I have warned you about. I will give you the grace to endure this time, but be obedient to My laws and My directions. The tribulation has to happen according to the Scriptures, so be prepared with My help to bear with this trial and purgatory on earth.”