Monday, February 15, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen much loss of life from the earthquake on Haiti because of the poor house construction. About the same number died in the large earthquake in Indonesia from a tsunami. Several smaller tsunamis have occurred recently with smaller numbers of deaths. The most loss of life in recent years from natural disasters has come mostly from earthquake activity. Earthquakes are an ongoing occurrence, and the numbers are increasing as well as the intensity. This vision of another devastating tsunami is just a matter of time, but it could happen at any time. The earth’s plates are constantly shifting, and there is much activity all around the Pacific Rim. Be prepared with your early warning protection for tsunamis so people can be warned as soon as possible to get to high ground. These events are causing more and more food shortages, as the floods are destroying warehouses and the land to grow crops. Pray for My help for those who could suffer destruction of their homes and food supplies.”