Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012: (Frances Lombino Funeral Mass)
Jesus said: “My people, Frances welcomes you all to her funeral, and she is happy to see her family come that meant so much to her. She is happy that you are praying for her, and having Masses said for her. She is in a peaceful place, and she will be watching over you. It is hard for the family to part with one of their members, but it is good to know that she was a lady of faith. She had many years of dedicated service to helping people. She is an example of faith to all of her family. Rejoice in the gift of her life from Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this peaceful pool of water because this is how I want you to keep peace in your soul, despite all of the upsetting trials that happen in your world. I have told you how My people will see more persecutions coming against them as they draw closer to the tribulation. The latest trial is with your President where he is trying to force Christians to hand out birth control devices and other things against their faith in Me. This is another example of the growing persecution against My people. People in this world ask for a sign of what is going on, but they do not read the signs of wars, famines, and persecutions as a sign of the end times. You need to have eyes of faith and a knowledge of Scripture to realize that you are living in the end times. Stay close to Me in My sacraments and your daily prayer as you prepare to come to My refuges of protection. Trust in Me, and I will provide for your needs, despite the control of the Antichrist.”