Monday, December 8, 2008: (Immaculate Conception)

Mary said: “My dear children, Eve was your first mother and by her sin she has brought the darkness of sin to all of mankind. The consequences of original sin are death, sickness, and the weakness to sin again. I am the new Eve who was conceived without this original sin, and the Lord helped me to avoid sin in life as well so I could be a worthy tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant, while I carried Him. My own conception was the dawn of a new age and the beginning of a promise of salvation to mankind that would later be fulfilled in the birth and death of my Son, Jesus. I am your spiritual Mother given to you by my Son to St. John the evangelist and the apostle. As Eve brought you death and darkness, so I have been instrumental in my Son bringing you eternal life and the Light of heaven’s open gates through Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. Rejoice in my feast day and give thanks and glory to God for my Immaculate Conception, and Jesus’ salvation that He has brought to all of you.”
Jesus said: “My people, this experience in the vision of traveling fast down a dark, narrow alley is another sign of what you will experience in My Warning. The overwhelming Light and water represents how you will be overwhelmed with My peace and love when you all will come before Me individually. I have asked you in previous messages to attend frequent Confession so your soul will always be in a state of grace for your mini-judgment when you will see where you stand if you were to be judged just then. Before your judgment you will have a life review and understand how you influenced people both for good and bad. You will understand how your sins and actions offended Me, and how to change your life when you will return to your body. You are seeing earthly events leading up to the Antichrist’s takeover, so you know that the Warning has to occur soon, so I can give every sinner an opportunity to change their sinful lives. My children will be evangelizing sinners at that time and those, who come to My refuges, will find protection from the evil ones. Trust in Me and not your money or earthly possessions, and I will protect you and provide for your needs.”