Monday, December 7, 2009: (St. Ambrose)

Jesus said: “My people, in many foreign countries it is difficult to find fresh water. Some rely on deep water wells or they need to carry water from great distances to their homes. More modern countries are used to water lines to their homes. Pray for those people who find it difficult just to get water to drink, let alone to bathe and wash their clothes. In this Advent Season water is also a symbol of Baptism for bringing souls into the faith, or as St. John the Baptist brought a baptism of repentance for sin. As you prepare for Christmas, make an attempt to get to Confession so you can repent and be sorry for your sins. Once you have My grace of My sacrament, then you too can rejoice in My Presence, even as Isaiah expresses his joy for a new life.”

Jesus said: “My people, some people may find it difficult to believe that you will be made invisible on your way to your refuges. But I am emphasizing your disappearance in this vision so you can have faith in My miracles. The evil ones will have all kinds of means of electronic surveillance, but My miracles will defy all of their plans. My angels will put a veil of invisibility around you both along the way and while you are at My refuges. Those, who are too late to leave their homes, could find themselves captured for not following My orders. Pray for My protection, but you must leave immediately with your tents, blankets, and backpacks to avoid being captured. By leaving in the night and in dark clothing, you will be able to slip past the evil ones. Continue to trust in My protection, even if it appears that evil is reigning.”