Monday, December 3, 2007: (St. Francis Xavier)

Jesus said: “My people, your movies from Hollywood are corrupting souls all over the world, and this is why these actors and actresses are being tormented with the fires in California. Especially in ‘R’ movies, the actors flaunt violence, sexual scenes, and vulgar language which are a bad influence for adults and for children. I have warned you to avoid ‘R’ movies, and even some PG films are bad for children. Your TV programming is also filled with the same bad influences. So guard your eyes and ears from such occasions of sin and especially protect your children from viewing such filth. In addition to ‘R’ movies, it is also important to avoid the Harry Potter movies, the Golden Compass series, and any other movies supporting witchcraft and demons for entertainment. TV and movies are powerful ways to influence the mind and soul, but man has abused these media for evil purposes that require your careful discernment.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are now moving into winter with another set of disasters that could cause trouble in the safety of your car travel and cause power outages. Already you are seeing considerable high wind events along the Pacific coast, even as I told you windy events will become more common this winter. You need to have warm clothing, some food and holy water or blessed salt in your cars in case your car quits or has an accident. In your homes you need back up fuels for heating as wood, kerosene, or propane to provide heat and a means of cooking if you should lose power in a snow storm. Just as you stay prepared for your physical survival, you also need to be prepared for your spiritual survival against sin. Frequent Confession is the best means to keep your soul pure and ready for the day of your death and judgment. You can also pray an Act of Contrition when you go to bed, or if you feel death is imminent. If you should die overnight, then you have asked to be forgiven, and you may not have time for Confession. Being prepared for winter, and for your death, are very practical ways for the survival of both your body and your soul.”