Monday, December 21, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this single flame represents the love that is placed in every soul. This flame could be covered or snuffed out by the person’s own desire to do everything for themselves only. Love is the part of Me that is rooted in the creation of every soul, and it is a desire of the soul to love your Creator and love Me in your neighbor. You all have choices in life by your free will, and you choose in every action to do things for good or against My laws. I do not force My love on you, but those, who totally reject Me, are choosing to be in hell with the devil who hates them. You would much rather be with Me in the joy and beauty of heaven with the One who loves you. When you choose to love Me, then show your love in your daily prayers, and helping others by sharing what you have and sharing your faith. The Christmas spirit of love and joy is something that you should desire every day. I came to disperse the darkness of your sins, and your flame of love can also give the Light of My love to all of those who you meet in life.”

Jesus said: “My people, in order to claim an emergency that could precipitate martial law, the one world people will create some massive explosions and make it appear to be terrorist incidents. They will plan multiple explosions in large cities to create a sense of panic and a need for military control. This vision is of a fireman trying to put out a blaze from chemicals, which is why he has a flame retardant suit on. Once martial law is established, the evil ones will take over your government and prepare to bring about the North American Union. If such a martial law is imminent, then My faithful need to prepare to leave for My refuges led by your guardian angels. You will then be protected from the men in black who will try to eliminate religious and patriotic people. These men are UN foreign troops who do not care who they will be killing. Trust in My warning and leave quickly so they do not find you at your home.”

Irena Jakus: I could see people escaping from a prison. She said: “I am showing you how we were blessed by God to escape the prisons, and I explained to you how we survived only on dried bread for two years. You have even stored some dried bread in preparation for the end times. I shared my story of how and why I made all of these jeweled pictures. Even some of the Holy Eucharist pictures would be how Jesus will be with you in His Host. You all are part of the Lord’s prayer warriors, and you must be prepared physically and spiritually for the coming tribulation. I and many other faithful, who have died, will be praying for you to endure this coming reign of evil.”