Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you know that it was a miracle by the Holy Spirit that I was incarnated as a man in the womb of My Blessed Mother. St. Matthew in his Gospel shows you all the generations by name from Abraham down to St. Joseph. My Blessed Mother also was descended from King David. In the Gospels people have referred to Me as the Son of David. When the Romans decreed that everyone had to register according to their lineage, this is why My parents had to come to Bethlehem where the family of David resided. Some people knew that I was born in Bethlehem, even though I lived in Nazareth. In Luke’s account of this genealogy, he starts with My foster father, St. Joseph, and he lists all the generations going back to Adam. This is why I came onto the earth to redeem mankind from Adam’s original sin. Now, My people can be baptized from original sin because I paid the price of redemption with My death on the cross. Every church year starts with Advent and My birth, and it goes through My life, death, and Resurrection. All of these Scriptures are written to remind you of My glorious gift of My life, so all of you would be given an opportunity to come to heaven by My sacraments. Be grateful that you have a loving God to save you from your sins.”

(John Stellman memorial Mass) Jesus said: “My people, it is hard to lose a loved one under any condition, especially at a young age. It is a hard life in the military, and it can affect people in many ways. John is in purgatory and he needs another Mass to be released. He has suffered on earth in ways many do not understand. It is by the family’s prayers and Masses that he will be allowed into heaven. He is still adjusting to his body’s separation from his soul. He misses his family, and he loves all of you. Keep praying for his soul.”