Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010: (St. Lucy)
Jesus said: “My people, when you first start out in life, the length of your life is not a concern. As you get into your 60s, then you start planning more seriously in the event that you could die at any time. You also could die when you are younger, but you really are more concerned once you start collecting Social Security. Your life is full of opportunities to help people, and even more so once you are retired. If you do not have another mission, you can take a small job just to keep busy. Try and make the best use of your time, especially while you are healthy. You can help your family, friends, or spend more time in prayer. You have been busy most of your life, so you will find other things to do once you retire from working. In all of your activities at any age, you need to keep focused on Me as the center of your life. However many years that you are given, keep doing all that you can for My glory.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are experiencing some freezing weather along with some lake effect snow. This saw over the ice in the vision is an idea of the cutting cold weather that is affecting your airplane flights and other vehicle movement in these storms. I have warned you before of how vulnerable you are in the cold winter weather. Imagine if you lost your electricity, how important it would be to have a backup source of heat and light. This is why I have asked you to store one year’s supply of food, and a winter’s supply of wood and kerosene along with the needed heaters. When the one world people want to take you over, you could see how they could control people through their needs for food and fuel. At My refuges My angels will supply your food and shelter needs, so trust in My protection. Even at the refuges, everyone will have their own job to do, as you will be busy in providing for your survival. Pray more that you will guard your soul for its needs of being pure than any needs of the body.”