Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011: (Our Lady of Guadalupe)
Mary said: “My dear children, you are especially blessed to have this unusual miracle of my image that was given as proof to the bishop in an area around Mexico City. As your priest mentioned, many souls were saved by this miracle. It is a picture very much like the reading in Revelation where the woman was dressed in the sun. I was shown as an Indian woman, and pregnant with my Son, Jesus. There were stars on my dress and a half moon under my feet. I am the patroness of North America, and I place my mantle of my protection over my children. Every time you see me or hear me, I bring you to my Son, Jesus. When you pray your rosaries, I bring your offerings and requests to Jesus. Be grateful that Jesus and I love you so much that we watch over you, and have the angels help you.”

Jesus said: “My people, the miracle of this image of My Blessed Mother as Our Lady of Guadalupe was a sign to the Indian peoples to stop their human sacrifices to pagan gods. Because My Blessed Mother was pregnant in this image, she has become a patroness for the unborn. In today’s world you are still offering up human sacrifices as abortions to your gods of pride and convenience. Some women think the rights to their body are being violated, but the unborn child is not a part of the mother, but a new individual person. Some women have abortions because they are not married, or they feel that they cannot afford another child. Each child from conception has a unique mission that no other person can accomplish. It is murder for killing every unborn baby, and this is a mortal sin against My Fifth Commandment. Every baby that is aborted is a violation of the plan that I had for that life. So pray for abortions to stop and that mothers will decide to have their children, even if adoption is necessary.”