Monday, December 10, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, during Advent you are seeing the darkness of sin all over the world before I came to release everyone of their sin. The Light of the Star of Bethlehem is the Light that disperses the darkness. It is My death on the cross that will release you of your bonds of sin and set you free in the Light of grace, peace, and salvation of your souls. It is only when you take a step forward to open the door to your hearts in faith that I can come into your hearts, even as you would be the innkeeper to let the Holy Family into your inn. This is the same faith that the paralyzed man had that I could heal him, as well as those that carried him in. Have faith that I can continue to heal you in love for both your body and your soul. See the love that I have for all of you in dying to save your souls from hell. Come follow Me out of love and faith in My words and My promises.”