Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016: (St. Dominic)
Jesus said: “My people, you receive many services that are piped into your home. When the tribulation comes, these services will cease, and you will be living independently on whatever you have prepared. One of the important services is your water line, because you need fresh water to survive. This means the water cannot be contaminated nor as salt water. At your refuge, My son, I have asked you to prepare for forty people, and to have more barrels to store your drinking water. You will need to have your barrels filled with water inside from the cold, except for a few to collect your rain water for washing when it is not freezing. I have also had you get some materials for a well or a spring for a more continuous source of water. Just as you are being asked to conserve your water usage during your present drought, so you may also have to conserve your water usage at My refuges as well. I will perform miracles at My refuges to provide clear continuous water from your wells, and I will multiply the water in your barrels. This will mean that you will have to have faith and trust in Me to provide enough water for all of your people to survive. This is why you will need to be praying every day for My help, and to honor and praise Me in perpetual Adoration. Your people at My refuges may be frightened at first to wonder where all the food, water, and fuels will come from. Once they see My miracles of multiplication occur, this will calm their fears, and they will see the protection of My angels. Remember the few miracles that you have seen in your chapel. These were signs of the miracles that I will perform at your refuge so you can all have something to eat and drink. You will be living in full trust of Me to provide for your needs, so do not be afraid or worry about what you are to eat or drink.”

Jesus said: “My people, in one of My parables I told the people that the Kingdom of heaven is like a pearl of great value that a man would sell all of his possessions to buy that pearl. You cannot buy heaven with money, but you can store up heavenly treasure with your holy life and good works. When you do things, you should do them out of love for Me, and love for your neighbor. Many people value the things of this world more than the things of spiritual value in heaven. This is why it is better to strive for spiritual treasure and the higher levels of heaven. I want My people to develop a personal love relationship with Me so I can help them with My grace to lead them to heaven.”