Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012: (St. Monica)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast day of St. Monica helps people to remind them to keep praying for their own children as she prayed for her son, Augustine, and his conversion. Many mothers can identify with her desires to have her son return to the faith. St. Monica was blessed that her son became a bishop and a doctor of the Church. I can encourage My faithful to keep praying for any relatives or friends who have left their faith. If these souls have died, they need prayers, Masses, and fasting to help them if they are in purgatory. Evangelizing or reconverting souls should be your most important work. So do not give up on any soul, but constantly pray for their conversion. In the vision you look down the road of your life, and you think that you have a long time to convert. Some people do not realize how quickly your time passes away, and you could die at any time. It is better to stay close to Me in daily prayer, and frequent Confession so you can keep a clean soul, and you will always be ready to meet Me on the day of your death. Do not keep putting off your conversion to another day, because you could pass on at any time. Rejoice and give Me praise when a soul is converted, because it is a joy to see the reward of your effort for that soul. All of heaven also rejoices over one soul that repents and is saved.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you look at a dead body in the casket, you start thinking of how some day you will be dead in a casket. It is not easy to face the fact that your body is mortal, and you could die at any time. The important fact is not only that you are going to die, but that you need to have your soul prepared for the death of your body on any day. Once you die, you will have to face your Maker at your first judgment. This is why you want to have a pure soul at all times so you are ready for your judgment. The other reason for this vision is to have mercy on the deceased person’s soul. You do not always know the disposition of that soul in how that person was judged. Assume that the person is in purgatory so you can pray for that soul and offer Masses up for their intention. If that soul is not in purgatory, your prayers and Masses will be applied to your other deceased family members. Rejoice when souls have finished their missions on earth, because now they can pray for souls on earth.”