Monday, August 25, 2008: (St. Louis)

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you how a dairy farmer has to struggle in planting and harvesting the feed for his cows. The vision of this storage of grain into a silo represents a preparation that My people need to focus on for both food storage and readiness to go to My refuges. Those, who are planning to be final refuges or interim refuges, need to have some food storage so I can multiply what you have for those people who will be coming to stay with you. I have called various people to run My refuges, and they should by now be in the last stages of their preparations. The events leading up to a world takeover will be moving fast. Just as the one world people are making their plans, My angels and I are making our own plans to help My faithful. The evil ones know that their time is running out, so they will be stepping up their pace of evil in wars and planned takeovers. Trust in My power and My help to get you through this coming tribulation. Know that as these evil forces come into power, that My victory is not far off. You will be in a great battle for souls, but with My help and My angels fighting for you, you will be able to save those souls who choose to follow Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages about another staged terrorist attack that would be intended to provoke another war. Iran has been targeted as one of the axis of evil, and they are threatening to destroy Israel once they develop nuclear weapons. Iran has test fired missiles to deliver warheads as far as Israel. By blaming Iran for any terrorist attack, this would be a provocation to attack Iran. The missile being fired in the vision is intended to strike Iran’s nuclear manufacturing site. The one world people are continuing to involve America in war after war to weaken you by spreading your military forces too thin so it would be difficult to defend the homeland. By staging these terrorist attacks, the one world people are using fear and security tactics to start the wars that they wanted in the first place. I am warning America of these false tactics to involve you in more wars. Look to the source of these plans, and you will find the true enemies are in your midst. Continue to pray for peace, and do not be drawn into more wars just to make the rich richer.”