Monday, August 24, 2009: (St. Bartholomew)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision is very appropriate for your time in your society. The ‘X’ over these lounge chairs is referring to your spiritual lives more than your physical comfort. Do not grow lax in your faith, or you could fall victim to Satan’s temptations and you could lose your soul to hell. Instead, you need to be vigilant against every temptation and call on My graces and blessings to strengthen you against these attacks. You will always be subjected to temptations until your dying day, but you always have Me and your angel at your side to defend you. Be persistent in your daily prayers and your devotions to My Blessed Sacrament and My Blessed Mother. Consecrate everything over to Me every day so you can keep your focus on the One who loves you, despite your weaknesses. Encourage your family and friends to be vigilant in their faith as well. Those, who are spiritually lazy, could be sifted by Satan, and could be lost. Encourage them and pray for them in their time of need.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are having very few tropical storms this year due to the weather patterns over the Pacific Ocean. This vision of a large wave coming ashore means that your storms are not over yet. Any time a storm threatens the mainland, you have plenty of time to prepare and evacuate when necessary. Some people who died from your last storm were curious to see the fury of the storm. So do not be curious, but be prepared to stay away from any storms. Pray for those who have to endure any deaths, damage, or power outages.”