Monday, August 16, 2010:

Monday, August 16, 2010: (St. Stephen of Hungary)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel a young man was looking to do more than follow My Commandments, but when I asked him to sell his possessions and follow Me, he went away sad for he had many possessions. I call everyone to be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect, but it is not easy to give up your job and possessions and live a monastic life. I realize that this lifestyle is not for everyone, but I still call all people to do the best that they can with the talents which I have given them. This vision of My angel guarding My Word of Scripture means that My words are forever and they are given for everyone’s salvation. Even though My words were given to you two thousand years ago, they are still true today and they have not changed. Do not think that My Word of Scripture can be changed or rationalized for a better hearing. My Scriptures should be interpreted as My apostles taught, and how My Church protects My Word. You need to confess your sins regularly without trying to minimize your mortal sins. I see all of your actions and you cannot hide them from Me. You will be accountable at your judgment for all of your actions. Have your souls cleansed in Confession, and always be prepared to leave this world, and your place in heaven will be assured.”

Jesus said: “My people, in the 1930’s the Ukraine was the bread basket of Russia and they grew a large wheat crop. But the communists had the wheat shipped out of the Ukraine, and they starved sixty million people to death by controlling the food. This history lesson could be repeated once again as the one world people are again controlling the food through the seeds, the fertilizer, and the allocation of certain lands to grow planned crops by subsidies. There are only a few seed companies producing bulk seed, and much of these seeds are hybrids so the farmers have a difficult time to grow their own seed. Seed from hybrid plants do not reproduce good crops the next year. Fertilizers are also controlled. Even the HAARP machine can be used to cause droughts or floods which could ruin the crops and cause a famine. The coming world famine will be severe because world storage places of food are low in food reserves, and only a few major disasters could create famines even as seen in the floods in Pakistan. Places as Haiti after the earthquake are still in need of food. The food, that you have, has been altered, and it is not as healthy as organically grown food. This is why I have advised people to have one year’s supply of food on hand when this famine occurs, or when you may need chips in the body to buy food. At My refuges and interim refuges I will multiply what food you need to survive. Trust in Me to feed you, clothe you, and protect you from the evil ones.”