Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011: (Assumption of Mary into heaven)
Jesus said: “My people, you know how My Body was resurrected into heaven so there were no bones or body parts left in the tomb. My Blessed Mother died also, but I did not allow her body to suffer decomposition in the grave. Instead, I assumed her body and soul into heaven so My followers could not find the remains of her body in the tomb. My apostles realized that I had granted her this favor as a reward for accepting Me into her body. My Blessed Mother did not suffer the corruption of sin, and she also did not suffer the corruption of her body in the grave either. Again this is another sign to My faithful that one day you will be resurrected body and soul into heaven on the final day of judgment.”

Mary said: “My dear children, I am coming today because this is one of my glorious feasts that gives glory to my Son. I was placed in the Dormition Abbey and by Jesus’ Will I was assumed into heaven so my body would not suffer the normal corruption of the body. I was taken up into heaven both body and soul as you have seen in the vision. In today’s reading I recited my Magnificat when all people will call me Blessed. I received the gift of my Immaculate Conception free of original sin from Adam. During my life on earth I lived in the Divine Will of my Son as I was able to remain sinless in this life. It was because of my faithful service that Jesus allowed my Assumption into heaven. This is another sign for my children that one day you will all be resurrected to heaven. Rejoice in the glory of God for how He takes care of His children.”