Monday, August 11, 2008: (St. Claire)

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen continuous bombing for a number of years in Iraq and now an increase in activity in Afghanistan. Iran and Israel are at odds over Iran’s development of possible nuclear weapons. Russia is invading Georgia and the Chinese are having uprisings from Tibet. There are other places of fighting as well. All of these situations have one thing in common because these people are not seeking peace, but they want their own way, even if it means carrying on long drawn out warfare. Those, who sell weapons, thrive on war in making money, and the devil is constantly stirring up these divisions to kill men. War usually has no winners because there are death and destruction in its wake. This is why man needs to seek living in peace and harmony with each other, even as you see My harmony in nature when it is undisturbed by man. Love and peace are My ways, but hate and wars are man’s ways when it is led by the devil. Pray for an end to all of these conflicts which are inspired and started by the one world people who are seeking a one world government.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a blue pulse circling round out in black space represents what it will be like during the Warning experience. This will happen to everyone at the same instant. You will be drawn out of your bodies and brought before My Light. Then you will view each day of your life quickly, and it will slow down for things you need to improve. After you see your mini-judgment, you will be placed back into your bodies to change your lives. I am reminding you that this event is coming, and you need to improve your spiritual life now. By keeping in the state of grace with frequent Confession and a daily prayer life, you will have less to suffer in your Warning experience. Those souls, that are living in sin, will have a rude awakening, especially if they are judged to hell when they will experience what their life is leading them to. Grievous sinners will be given a chance to be saved, but unless they change their lives, they may suffer this preview of hell for all eternity. The Warning is a mercy to everyone and a wake-up call to everyone of the consequences of your actions and your sins. Be prepared for this event by continuing to remain in the state of grace without mortal sin.”