Monday, April 8, 2024:

Monday, April 8, 2024: (Annunciation, Eclipse of the sun by moon)
The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, this feast of the Annunciation was a big moment in my life, when I accepted being the Blessed Mother of God in my Son, Jesus. You recite the angel’s greeting every time you pray the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer. I accepted the Lord’s Will for me, even though my pregnancy gave trouble to St. Joseph. He was going to divorce me, but the angel in a dream told him that it was the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit that conceived Jesus. Today you are having an eclipse of the sun by the moon, and you remember in the Book of Revelation how I was called the woman dressed in the sun, like the Guadalupe image. The sun will be darkened as a sign of evil, but the Light of Jesus will be restored. Give thanks to God for His Incarnation as a God-man.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are several plans that the one world people are working on to do away with America. You are seeing one method, and it is to have millions of foreigners invade your country through Biden’s open border policy. These illegal immigrants are destroying your infrastructure, and they are bringing in diseases. The one world people also used Covid and Covid vaccines to kill thousands of your people. The m-RNA vaccines are changing your DNA and they can spread the Covid virus instead of stopping it. Another means to try and destroy America is to use EMP bombs that will take out your National electric grid. This would make it difficult to get food and water for your survival. These evil ones are also involving you in wars to drain your military supplies and your wealth. This is why I am having My people set up refuges so My faithful could be protected by My angels and I could multiply your food and water, as well as your fuels. My angels will make you invisible to the evil ones, and the angels will protect you with their shields. Trust in Me to cleanse the evil ones from the earth and to provide for you during the tribulation and the Era of Peace. In the end I will defeat the evil ones, and My faithful will survive.”