Monday, April 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, some people are collectors of old precious gems or certain antique furniture. Other people may not appreciate the value of such things and they would not pay a high price for them. This is true of many other things that people collect or have hobbies with. On the spiritual level there are valuables as life, the soul, faith, and eternal life in heaven. These again are very basic gifts that are not always appreciated by some. Life is a gift so precious that people should revere it instead of killing babies in the womb, killing people in wars, killing people in euthanasia, or any other murders over drugs or possessions. The soul is precious and associated with every human life. It lives on forever, but there are only two ultimate destinations for souls-heaven or hell. It is for this reason that I send My disciples out to work to save souls from hell. This is also why there is a constant battle for souls between the powers of heaven and the powers of the evil spirits in hell. Faith is also a gift of My mercy, but it is also acquired by a desire of the soul to accept My message of salvation in giving My life for your sins. Once a soul has chosen a path toward heaven and a desire to be with Me forever, there are some responsibilities to follow that are directed by love of God and neighbor in My Commandments. These laws are really lessons in how to live a proper Christian life. If you are to follow Me, then you should be willing to imitate My example. See that the real valuable things in this life are for everyone, and those things will lead you to eternal life in heaven. Good deeds, prayers, My sacraments, and following My Commandments are just a few to keep you on track.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are in a battle between your people and the one world people over continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The one world people and the Industrial Defense complex are continuing to win in carrying on with these wars to make their blood money in selling weapons, and the interest on these war debts. They control all of your candidates for president along with the Congress. The only hope for your people to stop ruining your economy and your military is to get your Senators and Congress people to stop the war funding all together. If your people do not stand up to these one world people, you will not have any country left. Pray for an end to these wars and a cessation of all of this useless killing.”