Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014: (St. Louis de Montford)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I am talking about two kinds of Baptisms. The first is a Baptism in the flesh when you are brought into the faith as an infant. The second is a Baptism in the spirit as at Confirmation. I told Nicodemus that he had to be born again in the spirit. This new birth in the spirit is later in life when you have to affirm your faith in Me by your own free will. When you were baptized as an infant, you had your godparents speak for you. As you grew up and were educated in the faith, now you are ready to speak for yourself. There is a point in your life also when you realize that you cannot do anything without My help. It is at that point that you give your life over to Me so I can lead you to accomplish your unique mission. I have given everyone a unique set of talents to fulfill the mission that I have given you. You are the only one to carry out that mission. If you follow your own will, you will not be able to carry out your true God-given mission. It is only when you see it is necessary to give your free will over to My Divine Will, that you will be able to carry out My special mission for you. Those, who are willing to pick up their cross and unite their lives with Me, will be rewarded for their efforts by joining Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been celebrating My Easter Resurrection of new life coming from the tomb. Now, in the spring time you are seeing new life in nature as the flowers and trees are coming to life from their winter hibernation. When the temperatures were cold, everything looked dead. Once the sun is coming out and the temperatures are warming, what was dead, is teeming with life. My faithful need to take a lesson from nature. At times My people commit mortal sins, and souls become dead to Me. Once you wake up and seek your Lord in Confession, I can forgive your sins and restore My grace to your soul. Then you become alive in My Presence, just as the plants and trees are coming to life. Do not remain dead in your sins, but see the need to come to Me to restore your spiritual life. While you are in sin, you are groping in the darkness. Come to Me in Confession, and then you will be walking in My Light of grace. If you truly believe in My Resurrection, you will come to frequent Confession to remain close to Me in love and with a pure soul. Then you will be ready to meet Me at your judgment. Just as nature is waking up from winter, so My faithful need to be alive with My grace in your souls.”

About Michael: (The one who gave a message of being lost on the phone.) He appeared to be lost in the darkness of purgatory. I assumed that he was pleading for help, and he could use some Masses and prayers to get out of purgatory.