Monday, April 20, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when you are close to Me at Adoration, you are sheltered in My love in quiet contemplation. At Adoration you can drink in My love and graces as if you were at a spiritual oasis. This close time with Me is like a little taste of the joy of heaven. When you are with Me, I am preparing you to withstand the trials and troubles of the outside world. These rays of sunshine represent the joy in your heart which you are willing to share with others as you go out into the world. My apostles were also protected for a while until they received the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Then they were strengthened to go out and preach My Good News of My Kingdom to all of the nations. Again, during Lent you were purifying your soul so you would be refreshed in your faith, so you could now go out as well to share your faith with others. Rejoice in My Easter message, and shout My praises from the rooftops.”
Jesus said: “My people, evil dealings are usually carried out in the dark, or in secret, so no one knows what is being done. Many Wall Street derivatives were sold with extreme leveraging to maximize profits and commissions, but also took on more risk than could be covered by capital to back them up. You have heard numbers as quadrillions of dollars transacted in dark deals that had no oversight. Now the large banks have been combined and their non-performing assets are so tied up that there is not enough money to unwind these deals. On the surface these banks are claiming profits, but they are not revealing all that they know about their toxic assets. Why are these banks setting aside hundreds of billions of dollars for bad loans, unless they know their losses are beyond their operating capital. If all of these toxic assets were revealed, it would bankrupt all of these large banks. This is a planned destruction of your banking system, and it cannot be kept a secret much longer. When investigation shows the money involved, you will see a bankruptcy of America that will bring about martial law and a takeover by the central bankers. Be prepared to go to your refuges when all of this evil plan is found out. America’s bankruptcy will be the precursor for the North American Union and the new ‘amero’ currency. Trust in My protection for now, as soon I will throw all of these evil ones into hell, when I will establish My Era of Peace.”