Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, problem pregnancies are very traumatic for women who have been fornicating, or are not able to support any more children. Your court system in America has given women a right to kill their baby in the womb, but this is still killing innocent life in My eyes. At times you see some inspirational movies that bother some people on the issue of abortion. These movies actually are testing people’s consciences because they know deep down in their hearts that abortion is killing babies. People, who promote abortion, are always claiming that the baby which is starting, is just tissue or a fetus. They do not want to admit that it is a human baby because they do not want to face the truth. But every abortion is a sin that mothers and doctors are responsible for at their judgment. Mothers can be forgiven in Confession, if they seek My forgiveness. The movie that you saw was unique, when a failed abortion grew into a woman who was finally able to forgive her mother for aborting her. Unfortunately, all those children, who were aborted, never had a chance to speak to their mothers, except for their silent screams when they were killed.”
Note: We saw the movie “October Baby”.

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a preview of Good Friday in the vision. There was truly a darkness about the time of My death as evil had its hour. Even an earthquake occurred that split the curtain in the Temple. You have been to the Holy Sepulcher, and you have seen the split in the rock. This week is very somber as you read of My Passion and death. Even if your services are long, take the time to honor My death on the cross for the remission of your sins. My death on the cross and My following Resurrection is a victory over sin and death. It will be a quiet service on Friday, but a joyous service on Easter Sunday as you celebrate My glorious Resurrection. Give thanks and glory to your Savior who has redeemed your souls from your sins.”