Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, this dark cloud in the vision is not only about the current volcano erupting in Iceland, but there are even more events coming. With this cloud and any future volcanic eruptions, they could cause a cooling effect on your weather as it blocks the sunlight. Such a temporary trend could cause ice flows to build up instead of any melting. In the immediate area the dust and ash could ruin farms until vegetation returns. I have given you warnings before for the potential volcanoes along the West coast and even Yellowstone that could be triggered by continuing earthquake activity. Many deadly disasters have occurred in the last year and do not be surprised if this activity continues. In recent years you have seen activity in unpopulated regions, but when this activity increases in populated areas, then more deaths will occur and people will take notice. Pray for the victims of these disasters that they will receive enough aid for food and shelter.”

Jesus said: “My people, the latest investigations of some of your hedge fund investment houses has shown fraud that caused the banking failure in the first place. One group established derivatives based on sub-prime loans that had a good chance to fail, while another group from the same investment house took out insurance hedging against its failure without telling the investors. This is why the one world people supported the AIG bailout with billions of taxpayer dollars because they held the insurance to make the hedge funds billions of dollars as the investors lost nearly everything. This shows you that the manipulators on Wall Street were shorting stocks to steal the investors money. The other manipulation is that your government is run by the one world people, and their intention is to spend your country into so much debt that you will become bankrupt so they can take over America. This is occurring with bailouts of the banks, car makers, house mortgages, and now control of the Health industry. Stimulus spending, future bank controls, cap and trade, and VAT taxes are the next spending plans of America into bankruptcy. Your National Debt cannot afford your entitlements, let alone your new spending plans. When you see the one world people plan for a takeover of America, now you see what these evil ones are planning and why spending is purposely out of control. The only way to try and thwart this bankruptcy is to put hard reins on any spending within the limits of your present income. Budgets for your National Government need to be balanced, no matter how many cuts are needed to make it happen, or the one world people will take you over. Barring some miracle of the people revolting, you are headed to be joined into the North American Union with no individual rights. This takeover of America will be another reason to leave for My refuges for protection from these evil ones.”