Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017: Jesus said: “My people, after My feast of Easter you should be sharing My words of mercy and love, but all you see in your news, is how various nations are beating drums for more wars. You have ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. All of the latest bombs and troop movements are only signaling the possibility of more wars, and extended conflicts. As you increase your spending for defense, you are preparing for more wars and making more arms for war. You would be better off spending money to feed the poor, instead of killing people in wars, abortions, and euthanasia. Satan is using your pride and power to get you engaged in more fighting in wars. Keep praying for peace and to help save souls from hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, the best way to have people come to believe in Me, is to have someone give a personal testimony on how and why that person came to believe in Me. You all have free will and I will not violate what you choose to do for your life. If you truly desire to come to heaven with Me, you need to ask Me to forgive your sins, and let Me be the Master of your life. Giving your will over to Me takes great faith, but you will have your eternal reward with Me in heaven. Your people prefer to hear a personal testimony because you all are familiar with your human condition. This is another reason why I became a God-man so you would know that I went through all of what you have experienced. I gave you testimony that I was God by My miracles, and I showed you My love relationship by dying for all of you on My cross. I want all of you to seek a love relationship with Me, because I am all loving with everyone. Whenever you pray to Me, you are showing Me your love and thanks for all that I do for you every day.”