Monday, April 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I am making a suggestion to My faithful, and especially to those who have refuges, or who are preparing interim refuges with Mass kits and vestments. I know it is difficult to suggest refuge preparation to some priests, but they too will have to seek protection from the coming persecution of religious people. Many have secured Mass preparations, but you also should pray for a priest, or talk to some priests that you are providing a place to stay for the underground Church. These priests may not want to hear of the coming tribulation, but they would appreciate knowing of some places to go when trouble comes. I told you that in the coming tribulation you would be fortunate to find a priest for Mass. Even if you cannot have a priest for Mass, I will have My angels deliver My Blessed Sacrament on to your tongues. In situations even today when you cannot get to a Mass, you can pray to Me to have a spiritual Communion so you can be united with Me every day. You are seeing closing churches and fewer Masses being offered as you deal with people who are falling away from their faith. These end time signs are all around you, so prepare the best that you can for underground Masses, and for a priest to say Mass and be with you.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen many churches closed all over your country, and many of them may be in disrepair. This vision of this small church is a suggestion for purchase by some prayer groups that want to have a refuge for people to come to. The land of a church has been consecrated and this is one requirement for a refuge. A church in a more remote location may suit a better place for such a refuge. This also is already built, even though it may need some repairs. It is sad that they are closing so many of My churches where people are losing the opportunities of having My sacraments and visiting My tabernacles. By making some churches into refuges, they still could be used for religious purposes than being destroyed or used for secular uses. This requires prayer, discernment, and a purchase commitment for those undertaking such a project. Trust in Me that any such refuge would have My angel protection, and it would provide for those needing a place to stay during the coming tribulation.”