Monday, April 12, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, at times life requires you to struggle and work hard to make a living. At other times you are overwhelmed by so much to do, that it may seem hard to accomplish what is expected of you. In life and in your spiritual life you need to have a purpose and a direction for what you are to do. This is when you need to come to Me in prayer so I can calm you down and focus you more on what I want you to accomplish than on the earthly desires that you want to do. Once you have the grace of the Holy Spirit directing you, it will be like the apostles and how they were inspired by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Put aside any lazy feelings and be ready to get down to some meaningful work. Put your mind and body in motion, and by My grace you will accomplish great works for My glory. When you do things out of love for Me and your neighbor, great things can happen.”

Jesus said: “My people, many countries are looking for cheap energy that does not require burning fossil fuels or natural gas. Some are exploring wind turbines and more efficient solar panels or mirrors. It is more efficient to use dropping water for powering turbines, but there also could be some use in moving water or places with high tides. Some investigation would be needed to see what return could be had for such power, but it would be a continuous free source of movement that could be harnessed. Renewable energy sources from plants and trees would be better than burning oil and coal for the long term. Any oil or ethanol production from plants should not be using food as the actual corn or grains. Such things could be made from organic wastes or the left overs from harvests. There are many sources of energy that man could make profitable with a reasonable amount of research and investment. By using such means for energy, you could lessen your reliance on foreign fuels. This could also help poor nations survive as well.”